From January 2, until January 5, 2018, the European University Hockey Association (EUHA) will host the World Cup of College Hockey 2018. This will be the first time in history that three different collegiate hockey associations: The Student Hockey League (SHL) from Russia; the EUHA from Europe; and the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) from the United States will compete in an organized international collegiate ice hockey World Championship. This special event will be held in Banska Bystrica and Brezno in Slovakia, and in Krynica, Poland.

All teams will have the opportunity to participate in several highly competitive hockey games.  This event will also serve as an opportunity for best practice exchanges in the areas of developing university hockey leagues, organizing sporting events, and sharing the structure and intersection of the most relevant aspects of academic and athletic lives of students who want to successfully build their dual career.

In addition to the university ice hockey tournament between select teams from the ACHA, EUHL and SHL, there will be an opening conference on the topic, “Conference on Dual Career of European students-athletes Time for a change where experiences from the United States and Russia will be presented.

We are looking forward to a productive and successful collaboration between the SHL, ACHA and EUHA. We are confident that the participation of all associations in this event will generate a great outcome for the further development of university hockey worldwide. Ice hockey is not only a game but a tool connecting people and nations